HOW TO USE THE MOON LAMP? A complete guide for beginners

You want to feel the smooth beauty of the moon, the calmness of spirituality, and warmth of your heart without having to sweat. You can bring our Royal Moon Lamp to your home and let the cosmic experience surround you. This article will help you understand the operation of the Royal Moon lamps. This will be the core discussion. We'll explain the operation of the moon lamps. Enjoy the soothing tenor and subtle gleams of silence. Let's get started.

Let's Get Started:

This guide will show you how to use the functions and options that our Royal Moon Lamps offer.

Unfold the Mysteries: Open the Box

Once you have received our Royal Moon Lamp in your possession, open the box to reveal the moon mystery. What will you find in the box? It is a 3D-printed, moon-shaped lamp featuring exact craters on the surface and craggy carvings.

  1. Three pieces of a wooden stand.
  2. An USB charging cable and
  3. A guidebook to help you through the entire process. A remote control would also be included if you purchased an RGB moonlamp.

How to Fix the Stand, Set the Throne?

It's fun to fix the stand. You will need to insert the end of the wooden piece in the hole of another wooden part. Continue this process until all three curved pieces are assembled. This is a stylish, curvy stand.

The Levitating Moon Lamp is supplied with a flat stand that doesn't require any fixing. Simply place the lamp on a flat surface, and then adjust the balance to ensure that the floating moon lamp is in a centered position.

How to Charge the Lamp to Give Life to the Dead Soul?

Our royal moon lamps are designed without the need for a backplate or rough design. buy a moonlight lamp at They come with built batteries that give you a sleek, elegant, and luxurious look. They are more efficient and durable, with a longer life span.

It is easy to charge these royal moon lamps. The power cord is small and can be inserted into the bottom of the lamp. You can also plug the other end into any USB port on your computer or adapter. A blue light will indicate that the lamp is ON. This indicates that the lamp is being charged. It takes between 2 and 3 hours for the lamp to fully charge.

Place the levitating lamp on the wooden deck on the left side, on the small circle you see. Plug the adapter into the power-connected slot, and the other end into the base slot. The lamp's red light will turn on at the bottom. It is currently charging. When fully charged, it will disconnect power.

The ecclesiastical lighting can be used for up to 6-8 hours, depending on the brightness level.

How to Turn on the Magic: How do you turn it ON/OFF?

You don't have to make it complicated, just flip the lamp upside-down. Here is a small button located near the charging port. To turn the white light ON, touch it. This is how to turn the lamp off.

Remote controls are available for the Royal Moon Lamps. This allows you to turn the lamp ON/OFF from your home without having to pull out.

Make your mood brighten: How to change colors

It is not only the most understandable body, but it also has a unique functionality. It is used to switch ON/OFF and change the colors.

2 color lamps:

To change the color of the button, touch the button.

3 color lamps:

These lamps have a pat control system. After pressing the ON button, pat the surface to change the color. Pat once to turn the white light from the Button into warm white. Pat again to turn the warm white light back into yellow. The lamp will be turned off if you do a third time.

16 color lamps:

The RGB lamps can be outfitted with remote controls. The bottom stud can be touched to change the color, or you can use the controller to do the same.

Turn the bottom stud ON one time and you can choose any color you like. You can adjust the colors' effects by using control buttons. You can spread the energy and ambiance anywhere. The touch sensor can be used to change colors just like two-color lamps.

Dark and Dazzle: How do you adjust the brightness?

2 color lamps:

It's simple, touch the button on the metal for the color change. If you hold the button for longer than one second, the brightness will increase or decrease.

3 color lamps:

You can adjust the brightness by pressing the switching button. You can adjust the brightness by pressing the metal button longer than one second.

16 color lamps:

You can adjust the brightness using the remote control. You can dim or turn on the lights by pressing these buttons. You can also enjoy flashing, fade and strobing effects.

Our moon lamps are easy to use. No one knows how to operate our moon lamps.

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